The world is moving fast and technology has actually diminished hours of works into minutes. We can withdraw cash, wash clothes, send out messages and even prepare food, all at the press of a button.

Web has a significant function in pacing up our lives practically on every front. The emerging virtual world of the property is a good example of it. Individuals choose to search for a product online before they really buy it and it applies to home search too. Online home search is catching up quickly, be it a domestic or a business plot, structure, flat or office. A consumer can view all the alternatives offered on the internet and shortlist those which are relevant to his needs.

So for people, who want to sell or lease residential or commercial property, it’s a benefit to be on the internet due to the fact that-.

oIt’s a cost effective medium as compared to other advertising mediums like the paper or the TV.

oGives you more space to describe your home than a print media classified ad where you are being charged for each column centimeter.

oYou advertisement has a longer life on the internet and can be viewed for months unlike a paper ad, which cannot make it through beyond one


oBuyers from any part of the country can see your ad hence increasing the reach of your ad exponentially.

Tips on Selling-.

oDecide an asking price for your house that would give you some profit however do not overprice it at the same time. Excessive of overpricing will repel potential purchasers and your house might stay unsold in the market for a long period of time, ultimately losing it’s appeal and people may not want to buy it later on.

oMake the entryway of your house tidy and attractive as it will create a great impression on the buyer’s mind when he concerns visit your house.

oInvolving a home dealer is a good thing to do as they have hands on experience in getting these offers done and they know all the legal formalities involved.

oIf you have time on your hands, put your home for sale at least 3-6 months prior to you wish to move. This will not let you calm down for a rushed deal and won’t let a purchaser take excessive benefit of your haste.

Tips on Purchasing-.

oBefore you start looking for a house, you not just have to bear in mind your present requirements but likewise consider your future potential customers. How long do you prepare to remain in that home? Will a need for more area create in the future? And so on.

oDo a check for leaks, wetness of walls, drainage system, water and electricity supply, water logging etc. of the house you are planning to buy.